Message from Father Martin Vallely

Welcome to our parish community website.  I am privileged to shepherd God's people here in Stoney Creek; and, on behalf of all of us, I invite you to draw inspiration from our witness to the Lord.  You are always welcome to join us in our worship and ministries!

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We are a large and diverse Catholic faith community, established in Stoney Creek now for many decades, worshiping the Lord with gratitude of heart and striving always to serves Christ in others

          The New Evanglization


2014 Finance Report: 2014 Financial Statement Worksheet---Condensed.pdf   

 2014 Letter to Accompany 2014 Financial Report.pdf 

Speaker Notes---Tony Salciccioli---2015 Presentation based on 2014 Report---2nd Draft.pdf

 Bereavement Support -- COMPASSIONATE OUTREACH announcement.pdf

Evangelization  School Survey - Parent survey letter.pdf

Calendar of Events - SFX May Calendar.pdf

Marian Prayer Garden - Work begins in the Springtime.  Marian Prayer Garden Brochure rev f  ‚Äč

Church Library located in the Narthex of our church for your use!  Take a look!

St. Vincent de Paul Society -


Quebec Pilgrimage- 

Cap de la Madeleine  2015 August QuebecTrip.pdf   


Check out the Youth Ministry page for info and registration forms for this year's THINKfast sleepover, March Break Mini-Camp, and Stations of the Cross!!